Custom Photo Collage
Artist Melanie Moore
Custom Photo Collage!
custom photo collage artist camera
collage artist the boys
collage artist the girls
collage artist family
collage artist melanie moore
collage artist serval
collage artist farmer john
collage artist poker and dogs
collage artist vacation
collage artist tigger
custom photo collage statue 
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custom photo collage pusser 
custom photo collage amber
collage artist moore
collage artist horses
collage artist iowa state
custom photo collage artist dog head
collage artist cloud 9 night
collage artist cloud 9 day 
photo collage day balloon 
photo collage balloon
custom photo collage new year
photo collage crazy girls
custom photo collage marathon
custom collage marathon

Commission collage artist Melanie Moore to turn your favorite memories into art.  Tell your story through personal photographs and memorabilia.  She will work through your ideas, bringing them to print, with your approval and input along the way.  You can express as many of your ideas as you are comfortable with.  Regardless of your level of design direction, the final composition will be printed only after receiving your complete approval.

See  Commission A Collage  for Custom Photo Collage details.

                                               Collage Artist
                                            designs from your
                                           favorite photographs!