"My work is about capturing a memory, a feeling, an experience of a place in time."
I have loved art for as long as I can remember, oil painting by 9.  While a student at WKKellogg Jr High in Battle Creek Michigan,  I received The Certificate of Honor In Art for my 8th and 9th grade years.  Intimidated by the conceptual art I saw, I plunged into studies and earned a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from Michigan State.  I worked for several years as a Sales Engineer for Environmental Test Chambers and Plastic Pneumatic Conveying Systems.  I left that fun behind and opened Pablo's, a restaurant/bar/nightclub. 

For 12 years I was a managing partner in Pablo's.  In 1996 I started taking Art Classes at Kellogg Community College and Studying Plein Air Painting with Sharon Griffiths-Tarr.  For four years I worked and painted.  I sold my first painting in Tampa, FL.  I unknowingly painted Steve's Bar from an inner coastal dock one afternoon.  I keep the twenty he signed for me framed next to my easel, "For A Great Paintings  Thanks  Steve the Beach Bum".  In 1998 I received the Outstanding Achievement in Art Award from Kellogg Community College and won Best of Show at the Annual Spring Student Show. 

In 2000 I headed to Chicago and attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Hauling my easel and camera, I painted the 11th Street Beach, North Avenue Beach, Belmont Harbor, The Planetarium, Chicago River, Grant Park and Lincoln Park.  My first Chicago Painting sold from a Group Student Show at the Garfield Park Conservatory.  I was painting the city, both plein air and in the studio, but couldn't capture the feeling of the city.  On a whim I signed up for an abstract drawing class, thinking it might free my mind, bring on some creative insight... something to get excited about!  Soon I was introduced to Acrylic Photo Transfers.  Watching the process, while looking at a book filled with Robert Rauschenberg's vegetable dye transfers from the 60's, I knew the future.  I never worked in oils again.

The Process starts as an idea, a moment in time that reflects a slice of modern day life.  I build each piece using my own photography, working mirror image, and transfer it to canvas with acrylic medium.  I paint with acrylics and draw with colored pencils.
My days in art school were spent living in Greek Town, walking, photographing & painting the city.  Most of my early oils sold at The Coyote and the Art Institute's Spring Student Show.  In 2001 I Exhibited an Oil Painting, "Waiting for the L", as part of the Chicago Art Open's Student Show.  The Art Open is an Annual Show put on by the Chicago Artist's Coalition, I have been a member since 2001.  I Exhibited Oils at the Hot House in March of 2002, a Group Show titled "Love Chaos".  I showed a combination of Oils and Transfers at Steppenwolf Theater, through Anatomically Correct Gallery.  I showed my first Transfer Only Series in the Flat Iron Building during the 2002 Winter Around The Coyote Festival.   I met my largest collector there, "Dr Lyle".  I had the good fortune to decorate his office reception area with Collections of My Work from 2002-2007.   I received the Coyote's 2002 Curator's Choice Award for "Building Millennium Park".  I was an Artist with Light of the Future Galleries in Darien & Naperville, IL from 2002-2007.  We met while I was Exhibiting at Oakbrook Center's Fine Art Exhibition where I won the Shows First Award. 

 In the early part of 2003 I was granted the Artist's Fellowship Award by the Illinois Arts Council.  I moved to a great live/work loft in Fulton Market and started printing Limited Edition Giclees.  For several years, everything that wasn't a commission piece was Photographed and Printed by John Cicso of Chicago Printmakers.  I received a Purchase Award for "Chicago 2002", and in 2004 The People's Choice Award for "Lifeguard", at the Annual Woman's Work Exhibition given by the Northwest Area Arts Council in Crystal Lake, IL.  

Early in 2004 I joined a fabulous group of fellow artists, "The Breakfast Group".  We exchanged inspiration and laughter, a social and professional support group that enriched every part of my life in Chicago.  Gallery 415, a juried on-line gallery, picked me up as an artist. 
I Exhibited "Keeping the Beat" at the Chicago Art Open.  In December I had my largest-to-date Public Exhibit with a booth at the One of a Kind Show and Sale in Chicago's Merchandise Mart.